Classic fruits


Slot gamers will definitely love to play Classic Fruits as it is one of the most exciting casino games. With bright colorful graphics and addicting gameplay, this online slot game certainly fulfills all your hopes of a real classic casino game. Play Classic Fruits for free right now! You can get access by simply following the links at the end of this article.

Classic Fruits is a casino game that is based on a number 7 machine that comes with a cherry on the center slot and two bananas on the five slots surrounding it. The objective of this game is to eliminate all the symbols that appear in the round fruit display window. When a player hits on fruit, the rate will change to a particular number representing that particular symbol. This is done by clicking on any of the available icons on the left of the screen that displays a corresponding number. The game is over once all the symbols have been eliminated.

The game is a lot of fun due to its deceptively simple setup. Aside from the attractive graphical displays, it makes it a real delight to play by providing excellent bonus time. The bonus spins come in two forms which make playing Classic Fruits even more exciting. Players can either bet real money or play the bonus form to earn extra spins during their play session.