Fields of clover


The setup in the Fields of Clover slots is pretty straightforward and easy. The play out on a 10 payline, 3 columns, 10 flops win machine is great for those that like to work their way through their bankroll, especially at the lower reels. The win both ways feature a feature that allows you to quickly go from the light box to the payoff area on the reel while having a large window of opportunity to get the most money while you have the stacks on top of the reel.

After winning on the first spin, the second spin will be worth one extra point while the third and forth spins will earn you two extra points each. You are only allowed to use two standard icons on your machines per day, and only two coins on the paylines or machines in the bonus area. The best part about the fields of clover slots is that you do not have to stack coins, except for the two standard icons that are allowed in the bonus area. The two standard icons are black hearts and red diamonds which earn you five points each when used in combination with the other standard icons. The bonus area is full of icons that pay you ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty points depending on which you are using.

The mechanics of the game are quite easy, with the reels displaying the classic icon and payout colors. Upon winning, you collect the same amount of coins as you did the time that you played, but you also receive three additional coins. The reels feature a green background, which is easy to see due to the small graphics on the payoff area. One of the best things about playing the Fields of Clover is that it has the same jackpot options as all of the other versions of the classic series. Winning requires skill, which you are guaranteed with the constant addition of the Emerald icon from every game you play!