Phoenix inferno


The Phoenix Inferno is a highly addictive slot machine that can easily be picked up by beginners with little or no experience. The Phoenix Fire is also commonly called the World's Most Loved Slot Machine. The machine's name comes from the story in which the game character, Phoenix, falls from a large, fiery Phoenix tree. Many people who play this machine claim that dropping the machine will cause them to fly up and out of the playing area. This is in reference to the flying buttons on the machine.

The Phoenix Inferno slot is played on a five reel, three rows, 243 degree machines. To make a winning combination, place 3, 4 or five matching symbols or numbers on opposite reels from right to left, beginning with reel 1. Symbols do not need to be next to each other or on the adjacent reels to make a winning combination. However, you must start a combo off with a symbol on the reels 2 and end with a symbol on reel 3.

After the first five spins, the machine will display what is referred to as a “hot” symbol which means it will result in two successful bets. A “cold” symbol means that the bet will pay off, but there are only two possible bets. In addition to the hot and cold symbols on each of the reels, the machine will also display five randomly selected “free” spins on each of the reels. Each of these free spins can generate a max of five dollars per spin.