Reel diamonds


You will seldom see any easier games than the Reel Diamonds slots. The action occurs on a traditional 5 reels, 3 column machine that offers 10 payout lines. To make a winning combination, place 3, 4 or even 5 matching symbols or wild shapes on a single payline from either left to right, beginning with reel 1. It doesn't matter which direction the symbols are on the payline, because if you strike them in the wrong order, you will be paying out double money! This is the fun part of the game. The odds are greatly stacked against you, but if you can get a winning streak going, your bankroll will grow very fast.

As the game is played, a symbol or shape will change position several times on the five reels, as you can see on the video monitor. When this happens, the symbols shift onto the next available line and you must match the new positions, to continue playing. If one of the symbols is not positioned correctly, you will be notified of the failure and will have to wait until you are ready for another roll to re-position the symbol. The game is extremely easy to pick up, because it is basically the same as a classic fruit machine, where the prize money is paid in addition to the line's winnings. The real trick is to know when the reels stop and to then position the symbols appropriately.

Reel Diamonds slots are a great game for those of you who love a good video slot machine. Although they do not have the best reels out there, their graphics add a nice touch to the game. Although Reel Diamonds machines do not offer the best payouts, your odds of winning are fairly high, when compared to other video slot games. You can win hundreds in just a few minutes, if you play your reels right. If you love video slot machines and have never tried Reel Diamonds, give them a try today.