Stellar ways


Stellar Ways is an all new online casino game made by 1×2 Gaming. This casino game was designed to offer high-end casino gaming at an affordable price. The casino game is played on a progressive slot machine that uses “payout packs” instead of coins or actual cash to play the game. The slots are played exactly like regular slots, where the jackpot is shown as a percentage on the screen until someone hits it and wins a specific amount of money. After someone wins a specific amount, the screen will reveal the player's winnings and if they happen to hit more than one “win” then the amount of winnings will increase exponentially.

The best stellar ways slot machines offer a progressive payback rate that pays out regardless of whether the person actually wins any money on the machine. The system utilizes “payout symbols”, or icon images that flash on the screen when a slot ball makes contact with a symbol. These symbols are used to indicate that payouts will occur next, and can be helpful in providing users with an estimate of how much to expect for their bankroll.

When playing this video slot machine game, the game will not use a re-spin feature, as is commonly found on conventional video slot games. Instead, the wild symbol system allows players to press a button on their machines to have the ball spin more than once, thus increasing the chances of hitting the maximum payout. Players can increase the number of times that they wish to spin the reels by using a “regenerative” re-spin feature that requires the player to touch a series of icons that change in color when a wild symbol is approached.