Van helsing’s book of the undead


If you've ever read an 1X2 gaming review, you might have noted that the designer's slot games are pretty easy to play. Van Helsing's Book of the Undead, on the other hand, is not like most of the slot games out there. The game is a casino game, which means that it is more complicated than your average slot machine. However, its mechanics are designed so that anyone can play the game with ease and competence.

This vampire hunter-slash-vampire-fighting game revolves around two things: a series of random symbols, and a series of random letters. Each symbol has a pre-determined set of tasks that must be completed in order for that symbol to become active, and each letter performs those tasks. The first part of the game involves you finding and playing a pack of random letters, which are spread all over the board. You must find all ten different letters, and then make your way through the “words” that are printed upon these squares. Once you've found a word, you simply must click on it to make it active, and then use it to attack all of the squares on the board that are occupied by either a symbol or a letter.

After you've made your rounds, you'll notice that there are a lot of small icons along the edges of your view. These little icons represent items you can buy for a limited time, and if you collect enough of them, then you can purchase a special power that will let you flip a quick progressive jackpot. The book is a fun and fast-paced game that gets very addictive once you start playing. Van Helsing's book of the undead slot machine is something you'll want to try, and it's free to download from the website