Whisker jones


The Whisker Jones casino game is a simple classic gambling game that any expert will tell you has all the hallmarks of a well-made classic gambling game. In fact, even many novices who've never played before finding the concept of the Whisker Jones game pretty easy to grasp. The real challenge in playing the Whisker Jones is selecting the best five cards possible to squeeze into the “win” position. The key to this exacting problem is understanding how the deck is laid out. In the standard version of the Whisker Jones game, there are five-card decks (rows) and seven possible win positions, though the “J” count changes depending on which way your winning hand is turned over.

The standard version of the Whisker Jones also features the single-spin version of the game, where you can only win once (since there's only one bet opportunity). The two different types of “single spin” versions of the game offer very different payout rates. If you want to win big, then the single-spin version of the Whisker Jones is the way to go. However, if you're not interested in putting yourself at risk for something big, then the standard version of the game is a good place to start learning.

In terms of payout and the types of bets that can be made, the “standard” Whisker Jones casino offers single and double spins, as well as several other variations, including “double spin” and “sevens slot.” The traditional “lottery” style of betting where you bet the same amount you would on the “standard” game with two separate bets is also available, though it is often not advisable to play this game with this form. As mentioned above, the bonuses of the game can often put a real damper on its profitability. However, many people find the free casino money and the double or seven-sink bonus incentives to be worth the risk. If you're able to get through these obstacles, you may find that the Whisker Jones Casino is just what you have been looking for.