Top 5 Licensing Agencies for Online Casinos

blog post - Top 5 Licensing Agencies for Online Casinos

Players from all over the world are sure that they are transacting in a safe and secure online casino space, all thanks to the licensing agencies that regulate the legal operations of online casinos. And since not everybody is well-knowledged, we will discuss the top 5 licensing agencies for online casinos.

Primary Work of Licensing Authorities/Agencies Worldwide

To operate legally, operators of online casinos must first get a license from the licensing agencies. These agencies have standards when it comes to safety, fairness, reliability, and security when it comes to the operations of online casinos. The licensing bodies worldwide will give the operators a set of jurisdictions with several rules and regulations that they must comply with operating legally.

Top 5 Renowned Licensing Agencies Worldwide

  1. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission's establishment was in 2005, and the organization has been regulating and licensing online casinos in Great Britain since the legalization of gambling in the country.

The regulatory body believes in a fair, crime-free, and not manipulated gambling. The licensing agencies have different types of licenses for the different kinds of gambling industries, like Bingo, Lotteries, online casinos, and other gaming software.

  1. The Malta Gaming Authority

The independent European country of Malta established the Malta Gaming Authority in 2001 with the hopes of backing a safe, non-biased and secure gambling in their country. Their scope reaches as far as the land-based casinos and the Racecourse Sweepstakes and Bets.

Currently, they have a total of 500 operators practicing safe and secured gambling.

  1. Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The AGCC or Alderney Gambling Control Commission is a well-known licensing agency not just in Alderney, but also around the world. The country established the regulatory agency in 2000 with two types of licenses, namely, the B2C or Business to Customer License, and the B2B or Business to Business License.

The B2C's primary operations include the gambling sites that provide services to its players while doing financial transactions. The B2B or Business to Business License consists of those that power and create the game itself.

AGCC is one of the most expensive yet most reputable licensing agencies in the world.

  1. Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

The Gibraltar Regulatory Act got founded in 2000, hence, the birth of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. The country needed an agency that will take over and regulate the online gambling industry.

GRA has a “Remote Technical and Operating Standards” book that operators can download so that they can understand well the steps on how to acquire a GRA license.

Aside from protecting the online players from scam online casinos, GRA is also responsible for the data protection of the people of Gibraltar.

  1. Curacao eGaming

Curacao eGaming is one of the most popular licensing agencies in the world because of its inexpensive licensing fees and great benefits for the operators.